Permanent Spousal Support Covered by Family Code Section 4300 through 4326

It is important to know that there are major differences between temporary and permanent Spousal Support.  One significant difference is that different sections of the Family Code apply.  Factors to be considered for spousal support are found in Family Code Section 4320 through 4326.  In fact, the Court must make findings on the record pursuant to the 4320 factors before issuing a permanent order.  Often this number will be less than your temporary spousal support, so cutting yourself close at the beginning of a case can hurt you in the end when you are left with even less money and possibly having to incur new costs, such as insurance, that was covered by your spouse while the dissolution was pending.  Make sure you understand this, and the fact that courts in Orange County usually run the numbers through a Dissomaster calculation to determine the amount for temporary spousal support, but are forbidden by law to use that calculation for permanent spousal support.